Photo Scavenger Hunt / by Wilder .is

Community Organizer Molly Rose Kaufman helped lead the first WILDER workshop held at 601 Tully on February 8th, sharing with us one of the projects that she's used in the past to launch community organizing initiatives - a photo scavenger hunt. It's a great way to explore the community you're working in, as well as a way to get to know other people and see the world through their eyes. 

During the first workshop, students left from our HQ at 601 Tully to take photos of the following things to complete the scavenger hunt:

A place that looks loved

Something that is meant to keep people out

Something that invites you in

A building you want to know more about

Somewhere you want to go

Something that makes you proud of Syracuse

Something wild

Something alive

Something shared

Something designed

Something scarce

Something in abundance

Something resilient

1 group shot

In the posts that follow, you'll see how each group approached the photo hunt and they beauty they found in the neighborhood - even in the dead of winter! Nice shots everyone.