Food & Nutrition Module / by Rose Tardiff

FST/MPEx Project Update!

My module will focus around providing the community with information regarding food and nutrition. In designing my module I wanted to keep the community’s needs and interests in mind. Through researching existing workshops and literature regarding nutritional education, I was able to take away that a hands-on approach would be most effective.

My objective is to provide community members with information regarding food groups, portion sizes, and how to read food labels.

The WILDER workshops emphasize the idea of community and engagement. I wanted to further that emphasis by incorporating group discussions throughout the workshop. Through group activities I hope to keep members engaged and interested. Group discussions will also allow participants to gain knowledge through each other, as well as through the instructor.

One important aspect of the workshop is its adaptability. Not only is the module adaptable to different areas but I also want to make it adaptable to different age ranges. The concepts had to simple enough for younger kids to understand but informative enough to allow adults to walk away feeling informed. I feel the hands on activities and group discussions will appeal to all age ranges. I can see slight modifications made to the group discussions based on age range. For example, older participants may be asked, “What’s your favorite meal to cook at home?” Younger participants may be asked, “What is your favorite fruit or vegetable?” Both scenarios can easily lead to a meaningful and informative discussion.