Workshop #4: Earth Oven & Planting Seeds by Kelly Kazmierczak

At workshop #4, we spent the afternoon at Comstock Art Facility. We made mud bricks, testing them with different ratios of mud and water to build the earth oven with. After lunch, we tested a terra-cotta pot oven, which we made simply by cutting a door opening in a large terra-cotta pot. We started a small fire and placed the pot over it, in the pot we baker beer bread. While the bread baked, we planted several seedlings to grow at 601 Tully and eventually to be moved in our geodesic dome. 

Workshop #3: Build a bike-powered phone charger by Wilder .is


Next up, we'll be building bike-powered phone chargers using a tutorial from We'll spend the first half of the day soldering various components, almost all of which can be found at Radio Shack, and then in the afternoon, our friends from Mello Velo will be back to put the finishing touches on a couple bikes from last week's bike repair workshop and then we'll attach the chargers to our newly repaired rescue-bikes and test them out!

Here's a video overview from MAKE:

And for those of you new to soldering, here's a good video showing you the basics, up-close:

Workshop #2 Bike Repair - February 22nd by Wilder .is

8 (1).jpg

For our second workshop each student paired up to learn how to clean and repair a bike from the guys at Melo Velo.

We learned the basic parts of a bike and were given a checklist of things to look out for and to repair on our own bikes. 

Then we learned all about the workings of tires; how to take them off and put them back on and how to repair and change an inner tube. 

After lunch, we got a quick lesson on how to repair and adjust brakes and learned the proper way to clean and grease the gears and chain. 

We hope to donate the bikes and use some next week to make our bike powered phone chargers! 

Workshop #2: Learn Bike Repair by Wilder .is


Coming up this Saturday, February 22nd is the next installment in the WILDER workshop series where we’ll learn some basics of bike repair and maintenance.

We’ll be joined by the good people at Mello Velo from 11am - 4pm to get a general overview of bike maintenance and then dive into some specifics with 7 rescued bikes which were donated to the project by Jan Maloff.

Below you’ll get a preview of the bikes we’ll be working on in small groups. For first-timers joining the workshop this Saturday, we’re excited to hear about your motivations for joining the workshop and why learning bike repair is important to you! You can add your thoughts/ideas/dreams/wishes to the motivation mind-map installation up at 601 Tully which we started at the last workshop Community Organizing and Design.

See you Saturday and don’t forget to wear clothes that you can get dirty!

Workshop #1 Community Organizing + Design - Feburary 8th 2014 by Kelly Kazmierczak

We had our first workshop last weekend, all of the students got to know each other through a series of games and community building exercises.

We created the WILDER board which we wrote our motivations for the workshop series and also made it accessible for the community to be involved and add their own card!

We went on a photo scavenger hunt, which helped us to get to know each other and get our creative juices flowing (check out each groups pictures below).

We also built a library with books that go along with our goals of the workshops and give information on sustainability. The library pockets were made by SU students and high school students with patio furniture fabric and stables!

We hope to get everyone who is visiting 601 Tully involved in some way!

Photos taken by Kelly Kazmierczak

Photo Scavenger Hunt by Wilder .is

Community Organizer Molly Rose Kaufman helped lead the first WILDER workshop held at 601 Tully on February 8th, sharing with us one of the projects that she's used in the past to launch community organizing initiatives - a photo scavenger hunt. It's a great way to explore the community you're working in, as well as a way to get to know other people and see the world through their eyes. 

During the first workshop, students left from our HQ at 601 Tully to take photos of the following things to complete the scavenger hunt:

A place that looks loved

Something that is meant to keep people out

Something that invites you in

A building you want to know more about

Somewhere you want to go

Something that makes you proud of Syracuse

Something wild

Something alive

Something shared

Something designed

Something scarce

Something in abundance

Something resilient

1 group shot

In the posts that follow, you'll see how each group approached the photo hunt and they beauty they found in the neighborhood - even in the dead of winter! Nice shots everyone.